Just Beet It

  • "the energy booster"

    Just Beet It is a creamy "chocolate red velvet milk" with energy and mood boosting properties.

    The star ingredients in this milk are

    beets: which are antioxidant rich, naturally energizing and sweet. 

    cocoa powder: a delicious antioxidant containing magnesium, anandamide, tryptophan and PEA (which are just fancy compounds known to boost your mood).

     maca powder: a natural hormone balancer and libido booster, that also has more energy and mood enhancing properties. 


    Just Beet It is the perfect pick-me-up that you can drink alone, or mixed with Deja Brew. 

    Shelf life is 3 days in the fridge from the day of purchase. Freeze drink for longer shelf life.

  • Currently offering local curbside pickup and inner city delivery